Create Uncanny Memories


“Here at Nerdy Birdy Printz, I am so excited to be able to provide dark and quirky designs to help the unconventional mom create quirky memories with their family.”

– Brittany Kay
founder & CEO
Nerdy Birdy Printz

Nerdy Birdy Printz was founded in January of 2019, with the mission to help the unconventional mom express herself and create uncanny memories with her family of weirdos.

My name is Brittany and I am a librarian, an animal lover, and I may also be a tad Nightmare Before Christmas obsessed. I live in Ohio with my husband, son, and 3 crazy dogs! It can get pretty wild over here with my weirdo family.

I love all things that are quirky and odd, with a splash of dark thrown in there. So I know how important it is to create items that convey my families interests as well as my own. Designs that embrace the things that are not so normal and that encourage my son to be himself. After all I’m raising a fellow weirdo. 😝

I work everyday to create compelling designs for the unconventional mom with a love for both the dark and bright sides of life. So whether you are a punk princess, kawaii cutie, nerdy birdy, or creature of the night type of mom. I want to help you surround your little monsters with memories that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Let’s create memories through events, home decor, and accessories to inspire identity and belonging in yours and your loved ones daily lives. 
Stay weird, Weirdlings!  ☠️
Brittany Kay